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Dec 22, 2012 7:00pm EST
. president. i yield the floor. >> the senator from alaska. >> i ask to speak until my comments are exreeted. >> without objection. >> i raise to pay tribute to daniel inouye. the histories of my state and senator inouye's closely connect. we interested the senate at the same time in 1959. at the time growing up i wasn't sure if we had two or three senators because senator inouye's name was so well known throughout alaska. there was opposition to both of us becoming states. but we have proven our opponents wrong. thanks to daniel inouye hawaii has become a modern prosperous state. and many have a fondness for the 50th state especially this time of year. daniel inouye began his service at the age of 17 when he entered the army after the attack at pearl harbor f earning the nation's highest military medal for action in italy. as a member of the senate, senator inouye continued his fears defense of his state and his partnership with alaska. my pred says sor ted stevens knew senator inouye as his brofment he worked together and produced much good for both our states that will last generations. w
Dec 28, 2012 1:00pm PST
. >>> let's take a trip to a grocery store in hooper bay, alaska, where we can find such items like -- >> ketchup, $6.49. >> how about -- >> paper plates, $7.25. >> 64-ounce mayonnaise. >> $15.65. >> paper towels in here? >> $13.55. >> mind blowing. this girl lives in this part of alaska. this is a grocery store in a smalls k eskimo village. there's some information here from the university of alaska, fairbanks, cooperative extension service. they give you some numbers. if you had a family of four and your groceries cost you $94 in portland, oregon, this is what it would cost you in alaska. bethel, $187, nome, $173. >> i think you got the gist of it. it's really expensive here. >> think what it takes to get all that stuff all the way up to alaska. the ice road truckers that have to haul this stuff for miles. it costs a lot of money to get this all the way up there. it seems like top ramen is still pretty cheap. >> 65 cents each. >> this is why we won't have kids. $21.19 for diapers. >> $21 for diapers? seriously, $21 for diapers? i'm surprised they even have babies in alaska. >> i c
Dec 19, 2012 7:30am EST
yield the floor. >> the senator from alaska. >> mr. president, i ask consent to speak until my comments are completed. >> without objection. >> i rise today to pay tribute to a mentor of mine in the senate, senator daniel inouye. the history of my state and senator inouye's are closely connected. we both entered the union at the same time in 1959. as a matter of fact i know as a kid growing up i wasn't sure if we had to senators were three senators because senator inouye's name was so well nonprofit alaska. winner states injured in 1959 there was opposition to both of us becoming states that we have proven our opponents wrong. thanks to daniel inouye hawaii has become a modern, prosperous state and many alaskans have a special fondness for the 50th state, especially have to say at this time of year when it's 40 below in fairbanks. daniel inouye began his public career in service at the age of 17. when he entered the army after the attack on pearl harbor. he served with incredible distinction, earning the nation's highest military medal for actions in italy. as a member of the senate, da
Dec 11, 2012 8:00am PST
in northern alaska. it's cold all the time." "well, that's the way alaska is, man." [laughter] "how come it's so cold up there and so warm in hawaii?" then you say, "well, there's no reason for that. "hawaii is tropical and alaska is not. that's it." the kid says, "no, back in the question, why?" and you say... why is it so warm here and so cold up near the poles? is there a reason for such a thing? check the neighbor. well, that's easy enough. hawaii is closer to the sun. alaska is farther away. is it true? is hawaii closer to the sun than alaska? you guys know that the closer and closer you get to the sun, the hotter it is? you know that? you know you get within a million miles of sun, the best materials you can make with vaporize-- not vaporize the term real hot, well, maybe vaporize. you guys been knowing that? unless you go at night time? [laughter] well, how about that? it is true that hawaii is closer to the sun than alaska? yes or no? - yes. - that's right. yes, that's true. is it the reason? - no. - no, it's not the reason. let's take a look and see if we can see why. here's the ea
Dec 20, 2012 5:00pm EST
. his enduring friendship with senator ted stevens, republican of alaska, was legendary. and he believed passionately it was important for us to work together, to get past party affiliation and the picayune matters of the moment and to do the right thing for our country. if i could, of the many speeches i've heard in this chamber and the remarks we heard earlier today in the capitol rotunda, one thing leaps out at me about danny inouye. even when he was declared an enemy alien, as were all of his ancestry, at the outset of one of the greatest conflicts this world has known, senator inouye volunteered for service in europe. and in our most decorated military unit, the 442nd combat battalion, he engaged in the fields of europe, in the hill country of italy in a moment of such personal sacrifice and remarkable bravery as to humble any who hear its details. in his service over decades after that moment, he proved what he showed forth on that battlefield -- that danny inouye believed in america even before america believed in him. that even in a moment of such immense injustice in this countr
Dec 18, 2012 5:00pm EST
in the case of dan, hawaii, in the case of ted, alaska, and in both of their cases, the country, ahead of any kind of partisan squabbling. danny inouye lived a full and remarkable life. we will miss him dearly. he was proud of his japanese heritage, proud of his roots, proud of his service as a champion of veterans and veterans' rights. he loved our troops. it is fitting that a building at the walter reed army institute of research now bears his name. i often marveled at how hard he fought to regain his health in the face of mounting odds. he died with no regrets. aloha was his last word. hawaii misses daniel inouye, america misses him, and our thoughts are with his wife irene and his son daniel ken jr. who was a great friend of my stepson johnny heinz. and also the rest of his family at this difficult time. i yield the floor. mr. mcconnell: mr. president, are we in a quorum call? the presiding officer: the republican leader. mr. mcconnell: mr. president, i rise to pay tribute to senator kay bailey hutchison who will be retiring at the end of the year. senator hutchison has been a dear friend
Dec 19, 2012 12:00pm EST
from alaska, new hampshire, rhode island, massachusetts be permitted to proceed in a colloquy for a period of about 15 minutes, with the understanding that at the end of it, we will enter into a quorum call. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. kerry: i thank the chair. mr. president, i just begin by -- by saying very quickly that there is an amendment that has been brought forward to try to strike from an emergency assistance bill critical aid, aid that is frankly less than it ought to be in order to deal with the crisis of the fisheries, not of one state but of the entire new england region and of other regions in the country, pacific also and other parts of the country that have been hit. the fact is that in massachusetts, we have 77,000 jobs, several billion dollars, several billion dollar industry as part of our culture, part of our history. fishing is vital to our state. we have local fishermen, we have commercial fishermen, we have the sport fishing industry, and it is a vital part of the congress of our state, of the entire history of our nation. we have been
Dec 13, 2012 6:00am PST
of alaska parked right over the bay area. so mostly clear start before you these temperatures are very chilly. 35 degrees right now in consumer report and livermore. 33 hovering just above freezing in santa rosa. even 39 degrees in san jose. as we head toward the afternoon, it will stay dry all day long. skies will be mostly sunny, but these temperatures are cool mainly in the 50s outside. looks like we could see a little rain coming our direction. we'll talk about that and i'll do some pushups in between to get ready for the big contest. >> thank you. >>> we are learning more about the gunman in the portland mall shooting. friends say 22-year-old jacob roberts was friendly but lived a tough life. roberts killed two people and injured another during a shooting spree at the mall on tuesday. he ended up turning the gun on himself. roberts' mother expressed shock and grief through a friend. >>> she's very sad, wants everyone to know she has so sorry what jake did and it is so out of his character. >> we are learning more about the victims. 45-year-old steven forsyth ran a business at the
Dec 9, 2012 7:30pm EST
sharon from alaska. [applause] for those of you who are not clapping, the reason people are clapping is because sharon kept jack kemp out of a lot of trouble. [applause] i think sharon packed away these newspapers from 1980 one and heard marco mentioned the economic recovery act of 1981. there is a story behind it. the kemp history has collected much of the story, but "the washington post" saved by sharon alaska -- i got incredibly distracted by all of the cool stuff. i come upon these stories. one is from july 25, 1981. about president reagan going on to the hill to pitch his bill. the next is from july 30, 1981. this feels kind of awkward. there are two stories here. both of them have dad's picture on the front. the second expands the story of how the legislation passed. some of you know the history better than me, but asked legislation is not always pretty. and this country when we have public servants like paul ryan and marco rubio and like president obama, both democrats and republicans who are serving us, it is incumbent upon us to come beside them and support them as bike ever
Dec 28, 2012 10:00pm PST
. >> reporter: teresa tells us alaska airlines gave thor a free ticket to san francisco to get help. >> i can't believe they let me walk on the plane with this dog. >> reporter: doctors in alaska took a cat scan of thor's law. vets in rancho cordova will look to see what is wrong with the dog's jaw. >> we are going to go in there and remove the bone fusing his jaw together. >> reporter: the reason he was taken to rancho cordova is because of recommendation, because of the canine german shepherd involved in a shooting. in rancho cordova, shawn bennett, cbs5. >>> all right, the rain is starting to move in. the storm has slowed down. brianbrian hackney has the forecast for us. >> we have the surf up around the bay area. waves could be up to 22 feet around the shoreline. on top of a pretty good swell. if you are going beachcombing this weekend, don't turn your back to the ocean. the waves will be pretty high this weekend. we get cloudy and showers tonight. it will be a little wet. clearing tomorrow. unsettled weather for new year's eve. first, the showers being triggered by low pressure moving cl
Dec 7, 2012 12:35am PST
is in anchorage, alaska, where keyes was being held for the killing of samantha koenig, seen her putting her hands up the very moment a masked keyes pulls a gun on her. he leads her away from the coffee stand, telling police he killed her and left to take a cruise out of new orleans before asking her family for ransom. gruesome as it is, keyes wasn't done talking. in fact, the man who matter of factually confessed to raping and murdering koenig, left investigators stunned by telling them he's a serial killer. >> there is no one who knows me or who has ever known me who knows anything about me, really. >> we spent a fair amount of time talking about his offenses, and those times were definitely very chilling to hear him talk about what he had done. >> reporter: fbi special agent jolie goeden interviewed keyes over a period of months, sitting in the same room with a man she now believes to be a real life monster. >> very meticulous. very organized. he definitely planned everything he did. >> reporter: keyes traveled the country from alaska to vermont, looking for people to kill, totally at random. a
Dec 6, 2012 1:00pm PST
alaska. >> all sorts of different ani l animals you wouldn't expect to be hanging out together. >> a fox, eagle and her cat. >> i have an eagle, and then i have the cat out here. >> more video from pam. it seems it was feast time at the fish buffet for all these eagles. >> oh, gosh. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's got to be all the eagles. >> every eagle in the aleutian islands in alaska where she is happened to be here nears the dock. she said somebody left some herring on one of the pallets and those aren't the only ones hanging around. look when she pans over. >> wow. >> you only ever see one, maybe two of them together at a time. there's like two dozen here. >> a whole family. >> you can see these two eagles together. she believes these are a mom and dad because there is a junior eaglette hanging around close by which she said was probably born this summer. >> there's the parents. there's their baby over there. >> the greatest thing about bald eg physicals yagles if you look, they look like they're wearing pants. th's my favorite thing. they have britches. >> you think the eagles have a ta
Dec 28, 2012 11:00pm PST
that somebody could go to bed at night thinking that he was starving as he was. >> reporter: alaska airlines gave thor a free ticket from alaska to sacramento to receive help. >> i could not believe they let me just walk on the plane with this dog. >> reporter: doctors took a cat scan of thor's jaw to see what's going on. >> our goal is to go in there and remove all of the bone and calcification that's fusing his jaw together and allow him to open his jaw. >> reporter: the reason thor was taken here is because of recommendation, because of the canine involved in a shooting over the summer. sean bennett, cbs 5. >>> let's take a quick look at the hi-def doppler. heavy rain coming on to the coast. brian hackney has an update. >>> in addition to a few showers coming down, we've also got the high surf advisory posted until 10:00 tomorrow night. waves could be up to 22 feet. strong rip currents as well, so if you're going to go beach combing this weekend, don't turn the back to the ocean. make sure you're aware that the waves are going to be pretty high this weekend. cloudy and showers tonight. c
Dec 13, 2012 12:00pm PST
on i-5 part of a storm system out of the gulf of alaska. extra chp patrols on interstate 5 monitoring drivers coming in and out of l.a. part of the area is under a winter weather advisory. >> we have some frost around the bay area to kick off the day and looks like it will get close to that again tonight. it looks like the storm door is staying over and we have another storm coming in our direction. in fact, the clouds are going to be rolling on in. but right now we have mostly clear skies. that cold air from the gulf of alaska sitting overhead but you can already see the clouds beginning to make their way in our direction. this afternoon mostly sunny, cool temperatures and then tonight increasing clouds. because we are seeing increasing clouds not quite as cold and then there's more rain on the way starting as early as tomorrow. but i think a series of storms coming in our direction. partly cloudy skies over the bay. chilly in spots, 48 in livermore, 52 in san jose. and 52 degrees in san francisco. all that cold air dropping in from our north and driving to the south. we are going to
Dec 11, 2012 12:00am PST
in the bay area out of the gulf of alaska bringing a chill to the region and we will see the possibility of snow as well. live doppler 7 hd rate now seeing clear sky other than a few patches of fog. santa rosa half mile visible with the fog so wendy burch out in the morning. here are the highlights. rain tomorrow night going into wednesday. snow possible above 3500 feet. talking about dusting of snow and freezing cold thursday and friday morning especially in the inland valley as the cold air celts in. so high pressure brought us second day of record temperatures today. but that's fading away as dan mentioned. here's the storm out of the gulf of alaska bring cold rain snow level down to 3500 here's a computer animation tuesday night 8:00 p.m. rain beginning to move into santa rosa. rain lane starts to shift south. light to moderate rain at 11:00 p.m. tuesday. pretty wide spread as you notice. now the good thing computer model speed this up so at 2:00 a.m. it's already south and east north bay beginning to get a break and head into 5:00 a.m. the commute doesn't look th
Dec 12, 2012 6:00pm PST
of alaska, one after the other, just like the one we saw today. of course was today a massive system? no, the rainfall acumulations were at .05 or .06. it was light rainfall. it was a cold storm as evidenced by the daytime highs today. now we have this pattern set up. last week we had the pattern set up, mid latitude, warm, moist storms coming in and 10 or 12-inch of rain over the course of four or five events. we have a series of storms lined up now coming from the gulf of alaska. by the time they add up one after another they would be lucky to get an inch of the rain in some of the cities around here over the course of five or six or seven days. overnight lows will be cold. the weather system that is leaving the area now is still spawning a few light showers in the area. so tonight at 10:00 or 11:00 i wouldn't be surprised by mission peak, southward, monterey, you're going to get a few scattered showers and then it starts to clear out. as we go into thursday, mostly sunny, partly sunny, temperatures on the mild side and then friday, look what shows up, yeah, yet another one from up the
Dec 17, 2012 4:30am PST
. the coldest we have seen in awhile. it's going right out of the gulf of alaska. cloudy, windy, light rain. especially tuesday night into wednesday morning. then it looks like things set up shop from thursday all the way into the weekend for cold rain. light rain this morning. windy, mild this afternoon. partly sunny, partly cloudy with hit and miss showers. the radar does not pick up all this but it stretches from lake county all the way into napa county. there is areas to the east bay and south bay. it's generally light rain drizzly is what i encountered on the way in. you can see santa rosa over to yountville. over to the north is what -- look at this cold air. this is making a beeline to us tomorrow. 50s on the temps with that strong southeast temperature. we've been cold to very mild to warm. even 50s to 30s in the mountains last week. we had single digits. they will be back. today is one of the warmest days of the week. rain will continue. snow. this is a warm sector coming in now. the cold air arrives tomorrow. there is a lot going on. windy, mild rain. could be hit and miss showers
Dec 26, 2012 9:00am PST
&t. squad left behind the bunny slopes long ago. here they are in alaska and they're doing what's called speed flying, which is a small air foil like parachute over their heads, skis on their feet, and they basically fly down these mountains, just skipping over parts of the snow. >> the parts without the rocks. >> parts without the rocks. it's spectacular. we've seen these speed flying videos before and i can't get enough of them. they meld skiing and flying together in such a beautiful art form. the scenery is spectacular. the snow conditions unbeatable. >> they are places where there are no tracks in the snow, like nobody has been there yet. it's gorgeous stuff. >> if you're going to alaska to do this kind of stuff you're not going to a ski resort. you're going into the back country. here they are whip by these rocks and able to ski on stuff you wouldn't be able to get to or get out of if not for the parachute. >> of all the radio controlled things you probably thought you would see, i bet this one never crossed your mind. >> i already know i want one and i don't know what it is. >> it
Dec 28, 2012 5:30pm EST
golfo de alaska, entre las costas rusas y americanas el agua es ligeramente más cálida. y grandes grupos de nutrias marinas están en casa entre las algas y las olas, se alimentan y duermen flotando. mantienen el calor no por la grasa, como la morsa, sino por una gruesa cubierta de piel aceitosa con pelos huecos en los que el aire que contiene es un perfecto aislante. este abrigo muy especial tanto en adultos como en crías necesita muchos cuidados. una madre puede dedicar cuatro horas sólo en arreglar a su hijo. una cría necesita ser capaz de flotar, se quedará en la superficie mientras la madre se sumerge en busca de comida. ♪ abajo en los bosques de algas gigantes las nutrias marinas buscan mejillones, cangrejos, erizos y orejas de mar. ♪ en su axila lleva una roca, un yunque con el cual abrir su alimento marino. cuando expira y deja que su piel llena de aire la lleve a la superficie trabaja duro en el alimento que ha conseguido. ♪ [roca golpeando] tac, tac, tac... casi el 70% de la superficie de la tierra está cubierta por el mar, lo que en realidad hace que éste sea un pl
Dec 18, 2012 6:00am PST
stream diving down from alaska, pushing putting us in the coldest air now low to mid 50s this afternoon. next system up to the north alaska next behind that is farther south pacific ocean that's why temperatures are going to rise with the next systems, higher temperature more likely we get heavier rain. a lot of us dealing with frost, find your credit card or ice scraper. 5:00, light shower possible north bay where the best chance of rain overnight going to be thursday morning most of us dry except north bay heaviest rain north bay from 11 until most of the evening hours while the rest of us are starting to get light to moderate rain by the time we get to thursday night, heaviest of the rain more than an inch to nearly two inches in the north bay, the rest of us hardly anywhere in the santa clara valley to quarter to half inch bulk of the rain and winds friday for the rest of bay area secondary system comes in saturday and sunday, heavy rain, gusty winds possibly power outages and flooding over the weekend. >>> bay bridge toll, metering lights on, center section just past tolls on incli
Dec 12, 2012 4:30am PST
in from the gulf of alaska. that's going to keep the temperatures way down for this afternoon. highs to in 50s, 40s on the mountaintops. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> outside right now, it's not too bad on bay area roads. nothing much to slow you down. we are seeing overnight roadwork. it's not at the bay bridge where you can see cars there making their way easily toward the pay gates. san mateo bridge the drive time is 14 minutes right now between hayward and the peninsula. the right side of your screen right there is the commute direction and you can see a few raindrops there that hit the camera lens a little earlier this morning. the nimitz so the on-ramp at high street northbound 880 can remain blocked until 5:00 this morning. it's still not enough to slow you down. that 238 to the maze, 15 minutes in the northbound lanes. dumbarton bridge westbound 84 you'll find various roadwork again for the next 20 minutes or so. and the eastbound lanes of 4 at loveridge, left lane blocked with roadwork until 6 a.m. that's the first check of traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you.
Dec 14, 2012 4:30am PST
these storms plummet out of the gulf of alaska. that's going to be the case through the weekend. we may see a real cold storm next week. but today a chance of a few showers and it is cold outside. the temperatures right now down to the freezing point this some of the east bay valleys. livermore checking in at 32. 34 in santa rosa. and 39 degrees san jose. this afternoon, highs probably in the 40s and the 50s and that is it. more rain expected for the weekend. we'll talk more about that in a moment. right now let's check on those freezing roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we have cameras and photographers all over the bay area this morning. here's a live look through san jose. this is 101 near the trimble exit. obviously things are looking good. not too many cars on the road north- or southbound 101. to our bridges, no weather advisories, no major delays at all approaching the pay gates. no metering lights so it's pretty much looking like that all across the upper deck. similar story by the way on the san mateo bridge. completely different had morning than yesterday after that aw
Dec 10, 2012 6:00am PST
change for wednesday is where you expect the cold to be right in the gulf of alaska and it will kick the high out of here starting tuesday and wednesday. our dry pattern continues until wednesday and again the screaming message is the cold air. highs will go to 60s and 70s and low-to-mid 50s on the eye for tuesday and wednesday. patch here fog especially coming back in from the valley. 66 novato, it doesn't get any better than this, this time of year. hayward 65 degrees, santa cruz, what, yes same for milpitas, 65 half-moon bay, 65 woodside a long menlo park, and tuesday increasing clouds, wednesday a cold rain arrives and cold air arrives thursday and friday and we will have more rain on sunday. >>> cold air is coming and it is snowing in parts of the mid- worst, they brought high winds and in fact i had a record 10 inches in minnesota yesterday. >> die heart sports fans. >> i am driving through there because they may have -- diehard sports fans, i am driving through there because they may have some stuff for me. >> minnesota transportation officials are telling everybody stay home
Dec 9, 2012 8:00pm PST
degrees cooler. tuesday, transitioning with a storm system coming out of the gulf of alaska. the chance for rain. on wednesday however, tuesday, the increase with clouds and tomorrow's temperatures will be in the 30's in the north bay. and 40's by the bay. the highs in the afternoon are really nice. the average temperatures in the 50s but tomorrow, low mid-60s. all the way to 66 degrees in santa rosa. your kron 4 7 day around the bay as i mentioned, to stay, sunshine toward increasing clouds and the afternoon. on tuesday sunshine. even in a bajwednesday's sunshine but the biggest factor will be the cooler temperatures. it will remain cooler for the weekend. >> if your call this? a group owners have taken up matters into their own handsafter a 40-foot whale washed up on a beach in malbu. you may recall, park and rec department officials didn't want to move the carcass. in case it broke up -- and created a mess. after days of rotting. hired a tugboat on saturday to tow the whale 20 miles off the coast. >> coming up this sobering tour of the banks of coyote creek and talk to one of the res
Dec 11, 2012 6:00am PST
. this is an advance of a cold front dropping down from alaska. this will not be a big rainmaker and definitely will not be the storms we saw last week. 9:00 p.m. tonight maybe some light rain around santa rosa. at 11:00 alegre nine years rain pushes its way closer to san francisco. rain is relatively light and nature and may be heavier as we pushed closer to midnight and. a lot of cool air is wise to infiltrate the bay area when the main band passes. the a lot of moisture, we're talking maybe a quarter as for most of the bay area. we will see snow in the sierra however a winter weather advisory goes into effect at 10:00 p.m. tonight. afternoon highs neighborhood by neighborhood cooler conditions but compared to yesterday was some spots climbing only into the upper 50s. 59 mom use 61 for sunnyvale and fremont in the east bay increasing cloud cover and low 60s for concord in danville 63 for pleasanton. and those local down in the north bay you'll see upper 50s at best. the g7 for about a 59% to rose up daly city is at 56 degrees 61 expected in oakland and your seven there on the bay forecast sho
Dec 13, 2012 6:00am PST
. the cold arctic air from the gulf of alaska is sticking around in the bay area. heading into tomorrow we have the possibility for some light rain. light winds are certainly a possibility as well. as we head into the weekend keep your umbrella out. more rain headed to the bay area saturday and sunday. i'm tracking all of the rain coming up and my next report. >> 6 of 5:00 a.m. and after years of legal wrangling and open and a powerful outside compliance director is set to oversee the oakland police department. a federal judge signed off on the plan yesterday. the compliance director will have the power to demote or fire the police chief as well as that an action plan for carrying out some reforms. they will regard the use of force an alleged racial profiling. the compliance director's power to impose discipline is limited to the command staff of the police apartment. the director also have to get approval from a judge to spend money. recommendations for the cat is for the physician must be submitted by december 21st of the judge. oakland police are stopping 75% fewer drivers and pedestria
Dec 7, 2012 2:05am EST
'm amazed. i love it. >> big round of applause for anne. >> next up from cordova, alaska, 35 years old. her daily beauty routine consists of watching her hair. that's it. she is so excited she said to get this new look. let's hear her story. >> we had to bully you into this, but now you're ready? >> yes. i'm so ready. >> tell me why you want this makeover now? >> well, i've been working for how many years i think it's time for me to makeover transformation. >> first you said no cut, no color. now what? >> it's about time. it's been like two years i haven't had my hair cut and my hair colored. >> change is coming and your hubby is excited. >> all right. thank you so much. >> and bjorne's husband is here. let's take one last look at the before. let's bring her out. let's see it. >> oh, wow! >> looking good. what did you do here? >> let's take the blindfold off. >> wow. beautiful. >> you've got your own camera. looking good. >> spin right around here. take a look. >> you look beautiful. do you need a kleenex? >> what we did, we saw a beautiful girl who didn't bother with her looks. so again, w
Dec 10, 2012 7:00am PST
. the gulf alaska is coming into the picture it will be coming right at us. be here on wednesday. the coast and bay, near 60, 70. i think highs could be upper 30s or very low 40s. patchy fog inland. 60s for many. heard from chloe up in clearlake, 40 up there. i know there's low to mid-30s. 67 kentfield, 67. they were 70 yesterday. tying a record high going back to 1934, 1936. walnut creek, 64. brentwood only 61. downtown oakland, 70. there could be a few more record highs. alameda beautiful 66. 70 in santa cruz. milpitas went 70. cupertino, same for redwood city, mid-60s on the coast, including d.c. sun, then clouds increase on tuesday. a cold rain arrives on wednesday morning and then the cold air says i think i will hang around a while. mainly cold nights and warnings and more rain arrives by the weekend. >>> 7:10. safety experts say a warning system is helping with dangerous tulle fog. this is back in 2008 in the fog. it's the sort of accident, the new warning system installed two years ago is designed to prevent. the fog triggers an automatic system of electronic message signs to warn d
Dec 11, 2012 4:00am PST
story saturday night into sunday. a storm system will come from the gulf of alaska to the judge will be in the mid fifties. we will continue with the chance for scattered showers as we start the next work week. >> we certainly have rain and forecasts but us check out traffic. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza was good for your ride out of oakland to the city. no problems at the san mateo bridge. the drive 12 minutes from end to ind. over to the golden gate bridge. new issues on the span itself. again we have locally dense fog. the drive running 22 minutes out of novato into the city. >> banking erica a quick story for you this morning. firefighters battle a one alarm fire at a commercial building in east oakland. >> the blaze reported about 1:30 a.m. at 6145 international boulevard a vacant building. the fire was under control in about 15 minutes. no reports of injuries. the filfire was started by squatters. >> authorities from the contra costa county will meet with the u.s. coast guard at 10:00 this morning that will search with sonar equipment. phillip stephen mattingl
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Dec 17, 2012 5:00pm EST
million for fisheries out in alaska. melissa: in fairness it, was for alaska and other places as well but begs the question why in this bill would you be spending any money on fisheries in alaska when you have people in staten island that are still homeless? >> yeah. i mean that's part of the problem with the federal government is, it always overreaches in these kinds of events adding lots of stuff on the christmas tree that really isn't needed. >> is it needed to get something done? i mean, you know, a lot of people say this is the system. this is our system. it's not perfect but it's the best one out here and this is how it works. i see the department of justice inspector general gets a new car in this bill, i wonder was his car ruined in hurricane sandy or is this an add-on? >> this is the kind of behavior that has gotten us into the physical problems we face as a nation. let's spend money on stuff because we think we need it versus, do we really need it? for that kind of spending issue the right place is in appropriations bill next year, not in a bill aimed to help victims right n
Dec 13, 2012 5:00am PST
happen once a month. because of big winter storms in the gulf of alaska we are seeing impact this month. residents in sausalito's waldo point harbor say they usually know what to expect but even they were a little surprised. >> usually it comes to here where we are now. really high one will go halfway across the road. >> reporter: you will see a little more water coming to shore today the peak is expected at 11:30. the weather is supposed to be nice today so the tide won't have anything fueling it along we are lucky this didn't happen last week when it was raining. king tides are expected to last through saturday. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> classes will go on schedule at cal-state fullerton after a search put the school on lock down it was lifted 12:30 this morning s.w.a.t. teams surrounded the business school buildings after a man suspected in two robberies ran in. most students received text alerts telling them to shelter-in-place. >> i saw all these cop cars and then we see some guy running through the intersection and start walking through everyone was telling the cops which way
Dec 16, 2012 7:30am PST
and what's happening is we've got low pressure that is has sunk south out of the gulf of alaska. because of the jet stream, the dividing line between the cold air up in the north and the relatively warm air to the south, we've got nothing to stop that cold air from coming out and the result is it is going to be cold and wet this week. we'll get rain tonight, again, starting in the north bay. pinpoint forecast, we're looking at numbers in the mid-50s today. that's warmer than it was yesterday by about 5 degrees. extended forecast, we'll get wet tonight and on monday. now, we get a break on tuesday and wednesday, but after wednesday, it gets wet and stays wet right into next weekend. so you get a little bit of a break midweek and that's about it. there's weather. let's get the latest with phil and anne. >> thanks, brian. >>> last week, a federal judge approved a plan for a court-appointed director to oversee the oakland plipped. >> but the new compliance director will have a lot of power, including the ability to remove the chief and the command staff if they get the court approval. one of
Dec 13, 2012 5:00am PST
air is in place. yesterday cold showers and all that air moved out from the gulf of alaska. a chilly start to the day. really another cool day on tap outside. mostly clear out over the bay but these temperatures way down inland. 35 degrees right now in concord hovering just above freezing at 33 in santa rosa and even 39 degrees in san jose. so we're going to have a cool start to the day and by this afternoon, staying cool, only in the 50s outside a little breeze at the coastline will make it feel cool but there's more rain on the way. in fact, storms beginning to line up again. we'll have more on that in a few minutes. back to you guys. >> thanks. >>> we are learning more the about the gunman in the portland mall shooting. friends say 22-year-old jacob roberts was friendly but lived a tough life. roberts killed two people, injured another, during a shooting spree at a mall up in portland on tuesday. he then turned the gun on himself. his mother expressed shock and grief through a friend. >> she is very sad, wants everyone to know that she's so sorry what jake did and that it is so ou
Dec 3, 2012 6:00am PST
north way alaska 50 below. fair bank, alaska 30 below. there are signs we are going into a cooler pattern. first let's focus on rainfall totals which have been incredible over the last five days. santa rosa 181% of normal. 13.5 inches of rain. i think you're doing fine. you might have had an inch of that by wednesday morning. san francisco average 4.81. almost up to eight inches of rain. 165% of normal. if you go a couple miles away you can double or triple some of the amounts. or observer tom had 5.75. there was a lot of rain near san jose. not bad today. mostly sunny. much, much cooler. 39 napa. 39 santa rosa. patchy fog also up toward the north bay as well. we will get rain out of it. nothing too outrageous. it will make it into late tuesday and wednesday. then things look quiet into the weekend when we go partly cloudy and colder. partly sunny today. mostly sunny to the south. more clouds to the north. 50s and 60s on the temps. there won't be much of a difference on the highs dead. reaching clouds tuesday. rain moves in on the north bay. thursday, friday look good. here comes
Dec 12, 2012 5:00pm PST
four loaded handguns and a knife as you prepared to board a u.s. airways flight to alaska in march. >> it happened to years ago and tonight police say they finally solved it. three people are now in custody for the is stabbing death of a high school football player. he was in court this afternoon as the three made their first appearance before a judge. >> it's been nearly two years since the stabbing death of the 17 year old football player and for the first time today we got a look at the suspects accused of murder in this criminal complaint. i was there in the courtroom today when the three of them were arraigned via video conference from where they're being held. our camera was not allowed in the courtroom today. the judge told me his denial was for today only because he wants the defendants to have attorneys before agreeing to cameras in the courtroom and that there's no witness identification issues. they didn't have a problem with that because they released mug shots of the suspects. they with danielle and rafael, all three are charged with murder around conspiracy to commit
Dec 18, 2012 12:00pm EST
, mr. president. i yield the floor. the presiding officer: the senator from eafnlg alaska. mr. begich: mr. president, i ask consent to speak until my comments are completed. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. begich: i rise today to pay tribute to a mentor of mine in the senate, senator daniel inouye. the histories of my state and senator inouye's closely -- are closely connected. we both entered the union at the same time, in 1959. as a matter of fact, i moi as a kid growing up, i wasn't sure if we had two senators or three senators, because senator inouye's name was so well-known throughout alaska. when our states were entered in 1959, there was opposition to both of us becoming states, but we have proven our opponents wrong. thanks to daniel inouye, hawaii has become a modern, prosperous state. many alaskans have a special fond unless for the 50th state, especially i have to say at this time of the year when it's 40 below in fairbanks. daniel inouye began his public career and service at the age of 17 when he entered the army after the attack on pearl harbor. he served w
Dec 10, 2012 4:30am PST
is held off until late tuesday but we have sunshine on the menu and if you get it off the gulf of alaska, it looks like it will set up for wednesday and thursday. at least this time of year, team -- temperatures will be even warmer. mainly out to the east, a little breeze at the time and that means temperatures around the coast will be warmer than many inland locations. 68 degrees, did go 70 in santa crews. 66 so very nice conditions, clouds start to a crease, maybe they are around 200 and i am easing into this pam and brian. >>> two young children are injured after a shooting on an indian reservation. he shot and killed his daughter, wife and two uncles sunday night. his five and six-year-old children were injured and sell lay was killed by deputies. he had a troubled past but they don't know why he shot his own family. >> and he was hit by a ball on friday. he was riding his skateboard when he was hit. the driver stopped and so far no charges have been filed. >>> police are learning about something that happened 10:00 saturday night. they reported seeing a sedan, hit the victim and tak
Dec 10, 2012 12:00pm PST
, there is the arch and that system in the gulf of a alaska will only bring us cold weather. the offshore breeze is helping to dry us up. for us there is no trouble and we start out with just a few patches of fog. we are stating out by tuesday afternoon and look at the time stampel. there is the rain in the northwest california and it ross -- crosses into the overnight hours. if this stays consistent we will be mainly dry for the moo commute. >>> -- commute. >>> by tuesday we begin to see the transition and take a look at these temperatures. they really plunge. by wednesday snow levels are expected to drop to 3,000 feet which means some of the highest elevations could see a dusting of snow mt. diablo and mt. hamilton. they are reporting winds at 12 miles per hour and temperatures widespread 60s and 70 degrees in oakland. mid-to-upper 60s for the afternoon. 65 for novato, 67 in berkeley. maybe even 71 before the day is over, 61 in fremont and 68 in santa cruz. still nice and dry and we are beginning to notice scattered showers in the forecast for most of wednesday and snow levels will be dropping
Dec 16, 2012 11:00pm PST
the gulf of alaska pushing into northern california for tuesday and wednesday. we are seeing temperatures in the morning just in the 20s and highs in the afternoon in the low 50s , but first, we have to deal with this rain. 11:00 p.m., notice most of the rain pushing to the south in the overnight. 6:00 a.m. still rain in the east day and south bay, but things already begining to lighten up. a few scattered light showers through noon and then relatively dry conditions. then tuesday, we have another weak system coming down the coast, but most of this rain will stay offshore. still a chance for a shower tuesday. and again maybe even a thunderstorm coming through briefly. temperatures tonight and into tomorrow morning, coolest north bay, mid 40s here, definitely not as cold. same for the east bay. as we go into the afternoon, look for mid to upper 50s , low 60s for the south bay with partly to maybe even mostly sunny skies at times. and here's the 7-day around the bay. so this week will be pretty interesting. tuesday and wednesday, blustery, cool. especially in the morning. look at the inla
Dec 28, 2012 11:00pm EST
of the coldest air is not in alaska. it moved to the northern plains. here is the next little ripple in the atmosphere. that is the pattern. eventually, but will become a bit of storm to our south. once it moves off the carolina coast, it will take all the moisture away. here is the time line. 1:00 in the morning, with a little bit of snow moving into west virginia. folks around gaithersburg, upper parts of montgomery county, a 4:00 tomorrow morning snow starting to come out of the shenandoah valley, so around winchester, early risers will see a bit of snow. southeasterly winds, for you folks in charles county, spots like that, even early in the morning, it will be a sloppy mess. some wet snowflakes. a bit of rain. as we go to the day tomorrow, because of the south easterly wind, and not a lot of cold air coming in, that storm reforming to our south. it will be a rain producer. rain around washington. and continuing with snow for you folks -- you know where you live. upper parts of montgomery county out toward the shenandoah valley, toward leesburg. it will be more than likely smoke,
Dec 26, 2012 5:00pm PST
in alaska and $41 million for u.s. military bases including guantanamo bay. you can't get further from the shore than alaska. republicans proposed $24 billion altertive. it proposed $13 billion set aside to propose $13 billion. cut the pork and keep the relief on track. how can they expect to find common ground on the tough stuff. and avoiding the fiscal cliff. it is another sign of the division and dysfunction in washington d.c. where the common sense concerns of main street america. ac 360 starts right now. >> if you are looking for tonight's breaking news look out the woindow. much of it nasty. the kind of stuff tieing up travel. tornados out of season and out of the blue in your face. >> my god we need to go. it is right there. we have to hurry up and get past it. >> one view of the storm as it moved throughed alabama area. >> my god look that is a tornado. wow. jesus look at that tornado. my god that is cool. jesus please keep your hands on who ever is over there. look at them. that is like two tornados. it is two funnels on the ground. oh lord. look there. wow. oh xgt oh my god l
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